Food Retail

ripKurrent offers a wide array of HVAC and refrigeration solutions to meet the dynamic needs of the the modern supermarket environment. One of the primary areas we focus on is maximizing facility energy efficiency through advanced design and control of refrigeration and HVAC systems. Refrigeration systems are very energy intensive by nature and can account for nearly 40-60% of the total energy consumption in a supermarket. Therefore, at ripKurrent we are focused on developing and providing advanced research and development within the areas of advanced heat transfer and refrigeration technologies. Our integrated design build approach will reduce your energy costs, control the refrigeration and HVAC systems much more efficiently, and connect you to your store’s performance through cloud-based solutions that drive value and provide you with the intelligence you need. Regardless of whether it is low temp for frozen products or medium temp for refrigerated items, our CO2 systems can cover all ranges.

Another area of focus for the food retail sector is creating a truly immersive and engaging on-premise digital experience. As the food retail sector struggles with competing online services, there is a real need to engage with customers in store and elevate the shopping experience. Through close collaboration with our client's marketing and in-store experience teams, ripKurrent develops marketing and experience strategy based on the introduction of digital technology, this is being done through the introduction of digital technology in various forms to connect with the shopper, reduce friction, and increase return trips to the store. Whether its digital menu boards or interactive kiosks, projection mapping, point of sale, or other technologies, ripKurrent has you covered. ripKurrent has partnered with many of the world’s top suppliers of technology, which combined with our in-house engineering and integration capabilities, can deliver unmatched solutions that produce true and visible value and drive sales growth.