ripKurrent has partnered with Addison, a leading supplier of HVAC cooling and dehumidification equipment that will condition and treat ventilation air for a wide variety of projects we design. Addison is a semi-custom solution that is extremely flexible and able to adapt to virtually any environment. The system solves the problems of oversizing of units and also under and over ventilation that is common with many other products and solutions on the market today.

Specifically the LC™ Linear Capacity technology delivers breakthrough performance and energy efficiency while providing the most healthy indoor air quality. This technology delivers 53% energy savings versus conventional ventilation systems on the market today. ripKurrent only partners with industry leading, game changing technologies in the areas of HVAC, refrigeration, and facility controls, and Addison is an obvious choice for us as we deliver maximum savings to our clients.

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Sustainability Management Partners (SMP)-O2 Prime

Healthy indoor air quality is essential to any type of facility, whether it's commercial or residential. Most Americans spend a significant of their time indoors, whether it's at work, home, or in various places of commerce. We, at ripKurrent, understand this and the drastic negative effects an unhealthy space can have on its occupants, products, and environment. An unhealthy indoor climate can cause fatigue, allergies, headaches, and in certain cases some pollutants can cause certain type of cancers and other lifelong complications. This is why we are huge proponents of Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization, originally pioneered by Albert Einstein, himself! In recent years, this technology has been gaining wide industry appeal with its unique ability to mitigate and breakdown harmful contaminates such as VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds), dust, mold, bacteria and viruses which other technologies cannot address.

Bipolar Ionization is also used to reduce the amount of ventilation air that is brought into a facility. Conditioned outside ventilation air is a large consumer of energy in commercial facilities, in some cases equaling up to 10% of the total energy cost. By utilizing Bipolar Ionization and following ASHRAE-62.1-2016 VRP (Ventilation Rate Procedure), this technology can reduce your outside air intake as much as 70% in some applications, producing a tremendous savings and improved indoor air environment.

Together with SMP's O2 Prime technology, ripKurrent is here to work with your team and deploy this technology to improve the quality of your indoor air environment and reduce energy in a big way. Follow the link below to learn more!

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