Carnot Refrigeration

With a focus on natural CO2 refrigeration technology, water conservation, and energy efficiency, ripKurrent is helping business optimize their energy usage, reduce their carbon footprint, and achieve net zero. As such, we have partnered with Carnot Refrigeration, who, since 2008, has been a global leader in creating tailored, customized, earth-friendly refrigeration solutions.

Like it is to ripKurrent, environmental protection is so important to Carnot that their official company vision statement is "to create and develop refrigeration throughout the world that is respectful of the environment, in order to make it a global standard for all sectors." They achieve this through the use of natural refrigerants instead of synthetic chemicals which are harmful to the environment.

Together, we understand what it takes to engineer an end-to-end CO2 solution, for food refrigeration, commercial cooling, and everything in between. Our shared passion for innovation is dedicated to finding new ways to reduce energy costs, integrating new technologies, and conducting ongoing research and development, both in laboratory tests and prototypes, to ensure continuous improvement and the most energy-efficient options for our clients.

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ICE (Innovative Cooling and Equipment)

Advanced refrigeration technology is essential to our delivery of next level efficiency for our clients within the food retail, commercial, and industrial segments. Refrigeration energy can equate to up to 50% within the supermarket environment, and therefore it is important that you, as an owner, operator, or manager are utilizing the most advanced, reliable and efficient systems as possible. ripKurrent has partnered with ICE (Innovative Cooling and Equipment)who is an innovative manufacturer of a wide variety of heat transfer solutions, including condensers, condensing units, evaporators, and controls for various applications.

Like ripKurrent, ICE refuses to let mainstream legacy driven solutions dictate the possibilities when it comes to energy efficiency delivery for our clients. ICE has assembled the best-in-breed of components while utilizing state of the art design and development processes to increase system efficiencies 50% and beyond.

Seems too good to be true? We encourage you to reach out to us and let us show you the possibilities in refrigeration system efficiency! Whether it's new construction or a retrofit project,ripKurrent and ICE can provide solutions that will ensure that your facility is compliant, safe, sustainable, and energy efficient.

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